3 Insta-Worthy DIY Gel Manis For Beginners

3 Insta-Worthy DIY Gel Manis For Beginners

New to DIY nails?

We feel you – our brand was started by nail enthusiasts with no professional experience trying to achieve insta-worthy looks at home during quarantine. Through some serious trial and error, we’ve found these 3 goof-proof gel nail polish looks that are sure to turn heads but are perfect for beginners to DIY. 

 Skittles Mani  



 No tricks here – this look is just as simple to apply as a basic one-color gel mani, but with the extra magic of mixing and matching colors for each of your nails! Same process as usual: one layer of base coat, 2 coats of color gel polish (but with different colors on each nail) and one layer of top coat. Check out these looks for some major inspo: 

We love being able to play with different color palettes while keeping the application process quick and easy. Our Everything Collection is perfect for this with its four rich color stories – pastels, neons, nudes and darks. 


Gemstones & Stickers 

Can’t hold your hand steady when painting intricate nail art? Here’s an easy way to get the designs without the hassle. Gemstones and nail art stickers give your mani an elite look in seconds. 


Just place them in the desired position on your nail (with a little glue if needed), brush on our no-wipe top coat, and cure under our UV/LED nail lamp to secure.  


Chrome manis are insanely attention-grabbing (that SHINE!) but also insanely easy to apply with the help of our no-wipe gel top coat.

First, apply a base coat of solid color gel polish followed by a layer of gel top coat. This creates a nice, smooth surface for you to rub the chrome powder into the nail until you achieve your desired bling factor. Add one more layer of top coat and you’re done! Perfect for a full mani or an accent nail like we’ve done below. 

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